trust. a path and a goal.

Xumbalu – The play of music
Martin Schlögl
Storyteller &
432 Hz World Musician

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…will be released here. Hopefully soon again.

Would you like to have live analog music in your very own living room, kitchen etc.? Just let me know. Invite your friends. I’ll join and bring the music and take you on a journey called the “Musical journey around the world”.

Out now!

the album “trust and devotion”

7 Songs that were written with a good portion of love, joy, trust and devotion.
If you like to get an idea of the music go here where you can also buy the download.
There even is a real CD in a beautifully crafted cover and a great booklet. You can order your CD by email to for 14 euros plus shipping.

The songs are a declaration of love to liveliness. I am convinced that we humans feel exceedingly good when we feel alive. Nature is a beautiful mirror for us and wants to let us know that we are nature ourselves. We may trust, we may devote, we may have fun, we may become adults, we may be alive.

Have a good time listening to it!

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Inside Xumbalu’s game collection:

Life music

Would you like to listen to your very personal song, composed exclusively for you…?(read on)

“The musical journey around the world”

A lot of instruments, different languages, cultures, styles and stories make these concerts something special….(read on)


People tend to be amazed how the body can perform as instrument. The whole thing packed in a sound rhythm and nothing can stop you from having a good time…(read on)

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