“Trust and devotion – both a path, both a goal!”
Martin Schlögl, founder of Xumbalu

Life is a game.
Sometimes bright. Sometimes sad.
Sometimes funny. Sometimes serious.
It never plays against you but always FOR you.
And it is and always will remain a game.
Play it!


Inside the game collection:

Life music

Would you like to listen to your very personal song, composed exclusively for you…?(read on)

“The musical journey around the world”

A lot of instruments, different languages, cultures, styles and stories make these concerts something special….(read on)


People tend to be amazed how the body can perform as instrument. The whole thing packed in a sound rhythm and nothing can stop you from having a good time…(read on)

Dates to pamper your ears:

will be updated soon…


As of now the first Xumbalu n’Goni album „Sounds of Gouni – The Journey, Pt. 1“ is available.
The n’Goni is a harp with origins in West Africa. Its fine sounds can take you both far away and closely to yourself.
Each of the seven instrumental compositions is a 10-minute repeating melody and an invitation to immerse yourself in the sound while the brain may take a break. 
Even if you play the music in the background you will notice relaxation spreading.
If you would like to have a CD (this silver disc not known to everyone anymore…) please send an email to info@xumbalu.de. For digital download please have a look at BandcampiTunes or Google Play. Enjoy the sounds and even more importantly: relax…

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