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“trust and devotion. both a path and a goal.”

trust and devotion.
these 3 words appeared in front of my inner eye a couple of years ago.
and they have stuck, till today.
to trust my life and my vibrancy and to fully devote to it. that’s what i want.
yes, i wanna be alive, like a little child.
and i wanna inspire others with this vibrancy.
that’s why i make music.
it makes me feel alive.
that’s my job
i love it.

Martin Schlögl, founder of Xumbalu

Singer, songwriter, dreamer, doer.
Loves doing jigsaw puzzles.
Likes dolphins and the number 7. Now number 9, too.
Makes music that wants to inspire – to think, to enjoy, to be.
Gives concerts, plays in homes for the elderly, composes individual songs (your song), holds bodymusic workshops and works for the association „Kompass der Freude“ (compass of joy).

Out now!

the album “trust and devotion”

5 years of creation.
7 songs of inspiration.

Available at Bandcamp:

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External activities (e.g. live concerts at public venues) have been cancelled until further notice.

This allows me to pause and reflect. Time I probably would not have given myself otherwise. I’m revising this website among others. Old may go, new is welcomed.

If you would like to financially support me this is highly appreciated no matter how little or much your contribution may be. You can do that either via PayPal/Credit Card or Patreon.

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