The n’Goni Orchestra

Enchanting, gentle, delicate, mellow, touching, opening hearts – these are words trying to explain something you hardly can do: the sound of the n’Goni (original name: N’Doussn’Gouni). Through the n’Goni Orchestra we want to provide a larger space in our materialistic, hard, logical, performance-oriented, steep world to this West African hunter’s harp.

But step by step.

How does a n’Goni actually look like?

„A calabash strung with a goatskin provides the resonating body on top of which the strings are placed in two rows along a rack.“ (Thomas Weiss, Twice Percussion)

The translator is on holiday, that’s why we ask you for some patience as far as the rest of the information on the n’Goni Orchestra is concerned. Thank you!

The Xumbalu team

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