Singing together

There is a lot of noise. Almost everywhere. On the streets. In the internet. Via the smartphones. But especially in our heads.

To come to silence carries some kind of special “thing”.
Here we experience access to ourselves.
We become conscious.
And we are.

This way we reach self consciousness. In order to become aware and conscious of ourselves we need to turn the volume of external noise down. Otherwise we cannot here the silence. Ourselves. Our being.
Words are sound. Written, thought, spoken and sung sound. Sound is like an entrance door. To the origin. To ourselves. To being.
When we dive together into sound we may go through this door. When we enter silence after the sound, then, at the latest, we feel it. The ‘Is’. Offhandedly.

Regularly we do these hardly describable sound journeys which last between 60 and 180 minutes. We keep them as simple as possible. One hour – one text that keeps repeating – one melody. No previous knowledge necessary. Only the openness to be together. You may sing. You may speak. You may remain silent. You may sit in the lotus position. You may stretch your legs. You may move. You may dance. You may lay down.

We are open to do these kind of events  at any location of our beautiful planet earth. Please get in touch with us in case you are interested.

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