Your song – your music.
Vibrating in every one of your trillions of body cells.

Radio announcer: “…and now there is Maria. Hello Maria, which song would you like me to play for you?”

Maria:I would love to hear ‘Good Day Sunshine’ by The Beatles. This song has been my buddy for ages, often got me out of an emotional down and I would like to greet […]”

Have you heard something like that on the radio? Probably. Now imagine you can safe the call to the radio and have your favorite song with you, always and everywhere and it is in fact ‚your song‘.

What was music?

There used to be composers at royal courts who, among other things, were responsible for composing particular music for the royal court.
Lean back and feel like a queen or a king for a moment.
If only there was a composer…
And now let’s even go back a bit farther, a few thousand years: back then music exclusively served the purpose to support and enrich rituals in service of the communication with the superior powers.

Through the temple of music we find our way into divinity. Here we experience our true resurrecting. (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)

What is music today?

Today music wakes us in the morning. It accompanies us on our way to work. It pushes us in sports. We choose the latest and best music artists in TV shows. The list goes on and on. Music is omnipresent. But which purpose does it serve? Is it not largely a constant exposure and overstimulation or even distraction from other things? Isn’t today’s music rather serving the purpose of putting a single individual, the musician,  in the center of attention? What does this have to do with music’s original idea and purpose?

What is Your Song?

Your Song wants to take us a few steps back and wants us to re-connect with music’s original purpose and service. Music is a communication tool. It can transfer things which can only be transferred by music.
Music is scientifically proven vibration which can affect every one of our about 30 trillion body cells in a very positive or negative way, depending on the kind of music.
With Your Song I compose your very own, individual, personal music for you, in close collaboration with you. There are also several possible occasions or rather purposes life music could serve: a childbirth, a big birthday, a wedding, a special celebration.
How about not listening to music from the radio, YouTube or Spotify?  Instead you eavesdrop to your piece of art which had exclusively been composed for you or this one event? A piece of art that hasn’t existed yet. A piece of art that hasn’t been listened to by anyone. Something unique, tailor-made for you like a garment customized for you.

How does this work?

If you resonate with Your Song give yourself a start and contact me. If the distance allows we meet in person. Otherwise we use the communication means at hand (telephone, Skype, FaceTime etc.).
During this first conversation we’ll find out if we can ‚travel‘ together and how a joint life music journey could look like.
We ask questions like:
– What kind of music do you like?
– Would you like to have lyrics for your music? If yes, what should be the lyrics’ content?
– Is there a text, a poem or similar which has been a loyal companion for a long time and which we could use as basis for your music?
– Is there a certain subject you are dealing or struggling with?

The options are limitless and we may be very creative.

If we decide to „travel“ together we will develop your musical piece of art bit by bit, in close contact. I.e. I compose, send you sample recordings and we exchange ideas and experiences. This way we travel along step by step. This can be fast and it also can take a bit more time. We take the time your piece of art asks for. Can be two months, but also six.
We decide about the instruments that will be a part of your music along the way.
At the end of our journey you will receive a finished recording, if you like, even in CD-quality, including all rights, i.e. this piece of art is truly yours.

How do you feel about listening to your own Life Music?

Or do you know someone you would like to give her/his song as a present?

Get in touch with me and let’s travel together on this very special musical journey.

Further (background) information

The idea of Your Song is, as most ideas, very old. I re-discovered it for me in the above described way and see it as a godsend to compose a piece of music for one individual.
I have been a musician for 25 years and daily enjoy and appreciate what music is able to do. A couple of instruments, the guitar being the main one, support me in connecting things only music can connect.

What is my understanding of music?

The term music originates from the Greek term μουσική (sc. τέχνη) mousikḗ and was seen as art for the muses. The nine muses represent the protective goddesses of art in Greek mythology. Thus, my understanding of music is to play and compose for these muses. This way, music obtains a higher value. It is not important whether I play in private or on a stage. I can see myself as part of something bigger and am able to give something. For me this is one of the greatest miracles we humans may experience and, at the same time, the key for happiness: to do what I love most and thereby unconditionally giving something and myself.
When I compose something happens a sommelier experiences when opening a bottle of champagne. He accesses something that is already there – in his case the champagne. He inclines the bottle and it flows and bubbles. The same happens when I compose and play music. I access something that already exists. I see my task as an artist to access to this something and to ‘incline the bottle’ – that’s it. And then it flows. In my case it’s the music. For a painter it’s the picture that is painted. For a poet it’s the poem that is written.
Thus my attitude to play for the nine muses is my inspiration and motivation letting me play my instruments every day and making me truly happy.

Hurrah for the muses!

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