Body Music

In order to em-body our different roles in the big game of life we have…exactly…a body. In my role as musician I was able to connect the  body and the music and guess what was formed…exactly…body music. However, this is nothing new, on the contrary, body music is possibly the oldest form of music we know on our planet earth.

Clapping, knocking, flipping, pounding, laughing and much more – these are all natural sounds we can generate with our body (and you will guess of a few more, I’m sure…)

In body music, these natural sounds build our repertoire. We are the instrument ourselves, we are the music. What we need? Our body – not more and certainly not less.

You don’t have an idea how this could be and sound like? Have a look at the video. Although the speaker talks in German you will get a first taste.

It’s fun to make music this way on your own but doing and experiencing this with other body musicians, ‘grooving’ together – beware: you can easily get hooked on it…

I regularly give body music courses at the Munich adult education centre. For details please have a look at ‚Dates‘ on Xumbalu’s Homepage.
As of autumn 2017 there will be the first body music course at the Landsberg adult education centre. You’ll find all details at ‚Dates‘ on the Homepage, too.

Picture gallery – Body music for elderly people: Impressions of  „Die 66“

Picture gallery – Impressions of an evening class 2015/16 in Munich‘

Picture gallery – impressions of the video production

Sound studio


It´s getting serious…

Let´s go!

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