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The idea of Music Train (short version)

Imagine a train. There is a locomotive in front. Behind there are wagons. This train rides with music which is played by the train driver. That’s me. I am sitting with my guitar in the driver’s cab enjoying riding the music train with you.

The passengers – that’s you – are in the wagons. Everybody can purchase a ticket. Every month. Ticket prices range between 1 and 100 EUR/CHF/USD. The different ticket categories and payment options are explained below.

If you decide to get on board of the music train,  you will receive a musical thank-you gift made by me at the end of every month. This is a thank-you gift for enabling that music can roll on. I think this is important. Very important, actually.

Let’s do this. The world needs music. A lot.

Xumbalu’s Music Train (longer version)

I like to live with trust.
And I believe that trust in life but especially in ourselves is what makes us much more coureageous and life so much more exciting, interesting, simply alive.
The lack of trust in ourselves is one of the biggest issues we are facing today. The subject of trust is something we are not being taught in school. It is mostly life that teaches us lessons about trust. These lessons mostly hurt. We call this “learning the  hard way”. Instead, what we do learn in school is how to become maximally dependent on things, people, institutions outside of us. This leads us away from ourselves, more and more.
But we cannot continue our path into a more human, more loving, more caring world without being ourselves, without knowing ourselves, without trusting ourselves and thus learning, experiencing and enjoying that everything starts with us, with our inner spark, our inner fire. This is a journey. It takes time and patience. One step at a time.

The idea of the music train emerged out of the question how we collectively can strengthen trust in ourselves and at the same time have a really good time together.
The name of the train is «Xumbalu». The tracks have names, too. They are called – have a guess –  «trust». The longer and further Xumbalu goes on these tracks the more trust is being shared all over the world.
And the fuel for the train? Music. Sitting in the driver’s cab I shovel music into the steam boiler that makes the train going forward.

Like this the train Xumbalu can go far and spread a lot of trust into our world.

But a train, especially a music train, is nothing without its passengers.
Therefore not only a train, fuel and a driver is needed but also and especially people wanting to travel and wanting to be part of this unique musical journey.

Imagine yourself sitting in such a train and travellling with music. Are you curious where and through which landscapes the train is going and if there might be some surprises along the journey?
Your music train ticket may satisfy your curiosity.

With your ticket you enable…

  • that here, with the music project Xumbalu, music can go on and even more music can be played in future
  • that live music can be played in facilities like old people’s homes or wards for muliple sklerosis patients even if no budgets are available from the institution’s side.
  •  more creative musical freedom
  • that the music project Xumbalu can grow and other musicians can express themselves in a playful manner here, too. Thus Xumbalu can become a platform for  musicians who want to connect with and want to support each other.

This is how you get your ticket

To transfer this to the running train: Get in and let us travel together. You purchase your ticket and become a passenger of Xumbalu, the Music Train. Like this we travel together on the tracks of trust. There are different ticket categories depending on how much you want and can spend for the ride.

1 EUR/CHF/USD per month ticket (short trip)

In this categorie we stop at the Xumbalu blog station every month. This blog is exclusively written for the passengers of the Music Train. It won’t appear in any search engine. Thus it is kind of our “private stop”. In this blog I wanna write a little bit more than what I write with the newsletter or on the website. See it as a behind-the-scenes kind of thing  🙂

5 EUR/CHF/USD per month ticket (wellness trip)

With this ticekt you travel into the world of the soothing n’goni sounds every 3 months. You will receive an exclusive recorindg with the West African hunter’s harp n’Goni (often in combination with guitar sounds). The sounds of the n’goni are just so relaxing. It is not just as wellness. It is wellness

+ access to the blog

10 EUR/CHF/USD per month ticket (adventure trip)

This ticket leads you into the musical land of suprises as you will receive a monthly video surprise. Look forward to that. It becomes colourful, funny and exciting. All an adventurer wants and needs 😉

+ access to the blog
+ exclusive n’goni recording every 3 months

25 EUR/CHF/USD per month ticket (exclusive trip)

With this ticket the journey beomes far more personal as you will have a personal zoom call once a month with your engine driver. Here we can chat, get in contact with each other and you can ask whatever you wanted to ask a musical engine driver.

+ access to the blog
+ exclusive n’goni recording every 3 months
+ monthly video surprise

100 EUR/CHF/USD per month ticket (all-inclusive trip)

With this ticket you get a private concert once a year. As we travel with the music train this concert will be a musical journey around the world. A mixture of compositions from different musical cultures, sung in various languages, surrounded by stories and more. You invite the people you wanna have around you for this concert. (Depending on the distance travel costs are included or excluded.)

+ access to the blog
+ exclusive n’goni recording every 3 months
+ monthly video surprise
+ monthly zoom meeting with your engine’s driver

You have the following options

to transfer the money when purchasing your ticket and becoming passenger of the train and thus expanding the railroad network of trust:

Via Paypal or credit card:

Directly to the following bank account:

Martin Schlögl
GLS Bank
IBAN: DE65 4306 0967 8207 0677 01
Subject: Support Xumbalu

In case you prefer a yearly ticket (or any other time span) instead of paying monthly of course you can do that, too. Please use the above-mentioned payment options “PayPal” or “bank account”.


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